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Config File <IPList Name>

IP Lists are a convient was to specify a list of IPs in other parts of the config and rules files. You can substitute an IP List for and IP in nearly any field. Hogwash only processes a given IP List once reguardless of the number of times it's used making it more efficient to declare IPs inside IP Lists that to specify them in a rule or module.

A typical IP list looks like:

<IPList WebServers>

There are several ways to specify IPs in an IP list. The first is just to list out all the IPs.

You can also use CIDR notation like:

To specify any IP use I'll be adding an "any" keyword when I get around to it.

An then you can always specify a range like:

To use an IP List, simply insert the name whereever an IP is appropriate:

ip dst(WebServers,

IP Lists can be nested into other IP Lists like:

<IPList WebServers>

<IPList DNSServers>

<IPList FTPServers>

<IPList AllServers>